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Our pots are handmade in New Zealand on a large scale potters wheel. Our work comes from a life-long love of pottery and landscaping. The pots are up to 1.2 m tall and the perfect addition to any outdoor space.



 Our versatile designs are adored by clients and landscape designers throughout the North Island.


930mm wide x 1050mm high

The Barrel design is our most popular shape and makes for a stunning garden centrepiece.

This design can also be modified to be the foundation for a garden water feature.


780mm wide x 1200mm high

This tall design is often recommended by landscape designers for formal entryways.

The vase makes a feature in an outdoor space. We love it painted with vivid colour to add contrast in the garden.

Choose your

colour & finish

We offer a range of finishes for our pots including painting, textures and coloured oxides.


Texture gives our pots a distinctive rustic look. Some landscape designers and gardeners encourage moss and lichen to take hold on the texture to add extra character.


Painted pots really make a statement in the garden. Blacks and vibrant reds are popular colour choices.


Coloured oxides add a subtle natural look to the concrete and tone beautifully with greenery in a garden.

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